Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Fun

I don't feel like writing anything tonight, so here are some recent pictures!
Modeling Ruffle-Butt Bloomers
What a cute butt!
My beautiful baby! She is gorgeous!
She loves to share her snacks with Elise.
Most recent craft show!
Our new family investment! Now we can ride bikes together! We just need a little basket for our dog Lilly!
The beautiful flowers my parents sent me for my 1st Mother's Day and my 27th birthday!

They are beautiful! Calla Lillies are one of my favorite flowers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Strawberries, Running & Easter

While in Colorado, when our friend Elizabeth was eating lunch. Elise stole a strawberry off her plate. She has had strawberries before, but never a whole one. Here are some pictures of her eating it. She did a pretty good job of finishing it off!
Notice the white furniture in the background! It was interesting.

Look at that mess! Luckily Daddy did the cleaning!
She was running around everywhere. It was interesting!

For Easter, we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's new home! Last month they sold their house and moved into a motorhome! Elise can't wait until she's old enough to take a trip with them!
We waited a week to have our Easter egg hunt, because Elise's cousin was out of town. Here Elise is practicing for the hunt with her Hello Kitty Easter basket.
Hanging out with Grandma!

Talking with Grandpa!
Here is a reversible Pinny I made for Elise! The other side is light pink with black polka dots.
Playing outside with her rake! It's taller than her.
Eric ran the St. Gregory Fun Run on Saturday! This is him waiting for the race to start.
Here Eric is finishing in 4th place! He finished in a little over 18 minutes!

Here is Elise with her ball that Grandma & Grandpa got her for Easter. She is wearing one of the outfits that my parents got for her! It looks really cute on her!

Yesterday we played outside. Elise loves playing on our patio! She got pretty dirty! I had to rinse her off in the tub.
I think that Elise is hitting the phase where she is afraid of water. I'm not sure how it started! I've been bathing her in her infant tub because we have sliding glass doors on our tub. She LOVED bathtime. It's difficult to bath her in it when you are short. When we went to Colorado, we used the big tub and she cried every time. Since we've been home, I moved her to the big tub and she starts to cry when she sees water running in the tub!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Visit to Colorado Springs

We started the trip Friday, the 26th of March. We drove through the night which is great for Elise, but Eric and I were exhausted. It started raining around Amarillo, then once we got in to New Mexico, it started snowing! The wind was blowing so hard, that we had to pull over for about an hour. We couldn't see a thing! It gave us a chance to both get some sleep, we were pretty exhausted by that point.

We arrived in The Springs early Saturday morning. We stayed with a friend! It was really nice to stay in a home instead of a hotel. She has a beautiful home! Once we got settled, Eric took Elise outside to play in the snow!

Checking things out. Not sure what to think.

Notice her feet sticking out of the snowsuit! We need to get her a coat!

Too bad her hands are covered.

See! She's trying to grab the snow!

It didn't last long! The rest of the time we were there was in the 70's! After a nice nap for myself, we decided to do a little exploring! It is so beautiful there! You can see the mountains from almost anywhere in The Springs!

On Sunday, Eric got up early the next morning to check out The Garden of The Gods. We stopped by Starbucks for Eric and just happened to pick the one that a friend, who moved there about a year ago, worked at! Later that afternoon we went back as a family!

Elise decided to help Mommy push the stroller.

Checking out the area.

This picture makes me laugh!

Taking a rest.

Found something interesting on the ground.

Posing for Daddy!
We visiting a lot of other places. Eric took all the pictures while I took care of Elise. I guess he didn't take pictures everywhere we went. We visited Manitou Springs. There we bought fudge and dog treats for Lilly (our Miniature Dachshund) and Rascal (Eric's parents dog) from Pikes Peak Chocolate.
We also visited Old Colorado City, and just explored the area.
We also went back to the Garden of The Gods where there are a ton of hiking trails. The nexr several pictures are from our hike.

We stopped here so Eric could take some pictures.

Picture of Me.

My daughter is beautiful! She was having a ton of fun exploring. She was sad when we put her back in the stroller. Our jogging stroller was amazing! It had no problems on the trail! If you plan to do any hiking or jogging, you should definantly consider getting a BOB. They are rather expensive, but worth every penny!

Talking with Mommy while Daddy takes pictures of the rocks.
On our last full day in The Springs we decided to drive up Pikes Peak. Nine years ago I tried to climb the mountain, but there was too much ice on the road for the buses to drive up. On our drive, the mountain was only open 13 of the 19 miles due to chance of avalanche. Some day I will hopefully make it all the way to the top.

This picture was taken about halfway up. Behind us is a lake. It was completely frozen. It was around 30 degrees at this point and extremely windy.
Although we went to The Springs for vacation, we also went for Eric to look for a job. We have talked about leaving TX since before we were married. After Eric graduated we discussed leaving again. About a year ago we started seriously talking about moving. Specifically to Colorado. Right around this time, some friends announced they were moving to The Springs. Shortly after that some other friends announced they were moving to the Denver area. Then a few months later more friends announced they were planning to move to the Denver area as well.
All this to say, we are planning to move to The Springs. Eric did have serveral interviews while we were there which gave us hope. He was not offered a job, but we still are planning to move by the end of the summer. Eric will continue to apply for jobs in The Springs and if this is the direction God wants us to go we will pack up and head to Colorado Springs.
After spending a week there, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The view is amazing! There are so many things to do. Hiking, biking, backpacking, camping just to name a few. There are tons of free, cheap and expensive things to do. Eric is hoping to run a race that goes up Pikes Peak! Crazy, I know, but fun and adventurous!
So, if you think about us, pray for direction!