Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check out this giveaway

Recently my friend got a beautiful custom made necklace! She is doing a giveaway on her blog! Check it out at here! It is all beautiful!

Turning One

Today my daughter is one and I can barely believe it! It seriously feels like she was just born. She is so much fun these day! She is running everywhere and has such a fun personality! She is becoming such a social little girl! Smiling and "talking" to everyone! She loves going grocery shopping!

On Sunday, Uncle Rex & Aunt Amy had a birthday party for Elise at their house! It was a lot of fun! They had lots of stuff to play with! Her swimming pool was filled with balls, there was a big tub of water outside with lot of cowboy ducks floating around. We had fun squirting each otherwith them! They got her a big pink bouncy ball, bubbles, a cute outfit, 2 animals on wheels, and a book!

Here she is ready to open her gifts. We moved her to the floor after this picture.

Listening to us sing Happy Birthday to her and ready to eat cake for the first time.

She gobbled it up and barely made a mess!
Eric & I bought this school bus for Elise!

It is soft so it won't hurt if she falls on it. If you run the front into something it makes engines sounds! It's cute and Elise really likes it. We didn't get her a lot because: #1) We are moving to Colorado in a little over a month! #2) She is getting lots of gifts from family.
We went to the zoo this morning with Grandpa & Grandma! We had a blast! We went to the petting zoo! She didn't want anything to do with the goats. They are very friendly and one of them wanted us to pet her so much, that she was rubbing up against us. I think she was pregnant and needed a back massage! She was considerably larger than any of the other goats! My other favorite part was the Wild Bird Walkabout! There were so many birds! I was sure a bird or two were going to fly into my head! Grandpa & Grandma got her a shirt and cup from the zoo for her birthday! She seemed t really like the cup.
She missed her first nap and passed out in the car. In fact, I'm pretty sure she was sleeping before we left the parking lot! She barely stirred for the transfer from the car to her crib.
Saturday, is her birthday party and Sunday we fly to Michigan!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Celebrating 27 Years

On Tuesday, I turned 27. I will admit that I was not exactly excited to be moving from my mid-twenties to late-twenties. It's quite the change! I have always enjoyed birthdays and becoming another year older. Then this year rolled around, and well that excitement was gone.

So, my birthday started out with my daughter throwing up. Lots of clean up and crying. She ended up falling asleep sitting up in my arms. Too bad I had to put all her bedding in the wash. I laid her on our bed while I set up the pack n' play, then moved her. She slept for a while then seemed to feel better once she woke up. My Mother-in-Law came with pedialyte and flowers to help me. She had not been feeling well either. Turns out, several people caught the stomach flu or something like it at our Mother's Day celebration. In the afternoon, I got a text message from Eric telling me I was not to cook dinner or do anything difficult for the rest of the day. When he got home, we went to Olive Garden, then to Andy's for dessert.
Wednesday night, I started to feel bad. I caught what Elise had. I didn't sleep well and woke up feeling miserable! My Brother-in-law came to get Elise and watched her for several hours so that I could rest & get some sleep. I was starting to feel much better by the end of the day.
Friday night was my birthday celebration with our family! It was great! We had brats and chicken sandwiches, fruit salad, chips & salsa with Ice Cream cake! I got some great gifts! I got some great sewing books! I can't wait to try out the patterns! Here they are:

This one is for my business.

I also got some cooking utensils! They are Rachael Ray.

These spoons attach to the side of the pot! It is great!

This works great for transfering veggies from the cutting board to the pan!
I also got a new cartridge for my Cricut. I've been wanting this one since I got my Cricut. It will be great for cards & invitations!

So, in the end, I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you to all my family! I am so blessed!
It's been a crazy month and it's not over! Next Wednesday my daughter turns 1! ONE! I can't believe it! Time is flying! We are having 2 birthday parties here and one when Elise & I go to Michigan. We leave next Sunday and come back the following Saturday. I can't wait to see my family. My Dad also has a birthday and my sister & brother-in-law's 5th anniversary!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day & Such

On Saturday, Eric ran in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. He really enjoys running and I enjoy watching him run! I considered running with Elise, but I haven't been running for very long. Here are a few pictures from the race.

Notice, everyone ready to start their watches.

Warren won! Eric use to run Cross Country with him.
RJ came in second. Notice that he ran in cut off jeans!

This is Bob, Eric's Cross Country Coach at UT Tyler. He was 4th place.

Here is Eric finishing! He finished 7th! It was a good race and we enjoyed ourselves!

Apparently, I put my sunglasses on my head frequently! She was playing with my sunglasses and kept putting them on her head like this.

Here she is stting in her chair. She loves to play on our back patio!

On Mother's Day, Eric made me breakfast in bed! It was so good!

He made me Baked French Toast with Blueberries!

He got me these Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown stoneware baking dishes! I've wanted them for a while! I even use the smaller one to make dinner tonight! I made Parmesan Crusted Chicken!

Elise has started to want to ride her toy! She can push herself backwards. She hasn't mastered going forward yet. I love this face! Haha!!

Raquet and Jog was having a sidewalk sale on Saturday, so we went to check it out! Eric got some new shoes and we found these boots for Elise. They were only $5! They will fit her for a while! They will be great for winter in Colorado!

This morning, I tried them on her and she cried when I took them off! So she spent some time walking around with them on!

I entered Elise in a Parenting.com modeling contest. You should all go here and vote for her daily. Here is the picture that I submitted.