Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Apartment

Thought I'd share Some pictures of our new apartment.

This is in the dining room.

This is in our dining room as well.

This is a close up of the picture on the wall.

Here is the top of our fireplace. It's electric.

This is above our TV.

Here are some pictures taken by Eric. They are on the wall by our front door.

This is in Elise's room! It says, Always Kiss Me Goodnight.

Elise's name on the wall above her dresser.

Here is Elise's crib and her little canopy!

This is her play area in her room.

This is in her room as well. We are using it less and less, but there isn't really any other place to keep it.

This is on the wall by her closet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life In Colorado

Well, since my last post, Eric has found a job. He is still looking for something better. He actually got a call today for a job he is really excited about! We will hopefully know more information tomorrow. If he gets this job, we will be moving to a different part of Colorado when our lease is up. Please pray that everything works out if this is what Eric is suppose to do.

Eric's parents came for 2 weeks to visit! It was wonderful to see them! We were able to do a lot with them! Randy even took some family pictures for us! We didn't get them yet, but I will post some when we get them.

We found a church! It is wonderful! It's called Discovery Christian Church! Everyone is really friendly, great worship and preaching. Check it out at
Little E and I visited The Little Gym and really enjoyed it! We decided to start atteding! I think Little E will really enjoy it!

Wednesday we will be visiting some friends! I am really excited! I need time with friends!
Until we get the family pictures, here are some recent pictures!