Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just a few pictures

Just wanted to share a few pictures. Some of them are from TX and some of them are from CO!
This from May!

Family picture before moving.

The Hubs and I!


Biggest smile I've ever seen!

I LOVE this picture!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Off Road with Eric's New Ride

The Hubs found a dirt road that goes something like 45ish miles in the mountains. So we decided to check it out! It starts at Garden of The Gods.

It is beautiful! I haven't mentioned that Eric got a "new" vehicle because he wanted to surprise his parents when they came to visit in a couple of weeks. They accidently found out from one of their friends.

So, Eric took this picture on our journey and I am finally able to share that he got an 87 Toyota Land Cruiser! He loves it and I am praying he keeps this one for a while. In the 3 years (on the 14th) that we have been married, he has owned 5 different vehicles! Did I mention he likes cars a lot! Anyway, we didn't go very far on the road because Eric forgot to get gas before we started. Elise slept for most of the trip! It was very bumpy and we were both surprised that she didn't wake up!

The other day Eric installed cabinet locks in our kitchen and Elise decided she wanted to help!

She loves helping Daddy with projects and I expect this to last for many years to come! I loved helping my Dad with projects when I was young and it looks like Elise is going to follow in her Mommy's footsteps!

We've slowly been getting organized, Eric is job hunting and we've been relaxing! Last night Elise and I went to the apartment pool! Here is Elise ready to jump in!

A few fun things about Colorado Springs! One is, their main gas stations are called Loaf n' Jug! I think this is a very amusing name and it makes me giggle a little every time I see one!
Second, we went in in Albertson's (I was kind of surprised they have them here.) and they had a pop aisle! Can I just tell you, I have lived in fear of accidently saying pop the last five years of my life living in TX! The thought that I won't be made fun of if I say pop and just a little exciting!
Today, Eric and I got our driver's licenses switched to Colorado! That was exciting and I even get to keep my TX one as a souvenir! I was sad when I had to surrender my Michigan one when I moved to TX.
I still plan to post pictures of our apartment, but don't want you all to see what it looks like until everything is in its place. It's a little rough right now as we figure out where to put all of our stuff! We have a lot of it!
So, that is all for now! See you next time, hopefully with pics of the apartment!

Friday, July 2, 2010


We have officially moved to Colorado! We love it! Before I write too much about our move, here is a picture of the dress I just bought. I wore it to our friends wedding! This was at the end of the night, around 11:00 or so.

I can write too much. We haven't gotten internet in our apartment yet, it's coming. We can't get anyone out until the 10th! We are organizing our apartment and I will post pictures once everything is arranged. I did want to share the view from our apartment! These were taken on our patio! Are you jelous yet?

Here is a close up of the mountains!

Well, that's all for now. I have to go put the munchkin to bed.

Hey, I'm interested to see how many people read my blog. Please leave a comment here or on my facebook if you read. Thanks! More to come soon!