Saturday, March 12, 2011

Texas Fun!

Mommy and I have been enjoying our vaction to Texas. So far I've seen Amy & Rex (my aunt and uncle), Renka (this is my word for both Grandpa & Grandma, Dana, John & my new baby cousin, Laney (Aunt & cousins) Baby Laney's Elise name is "Babies". Renka's dog is Raskers (Rascal).  Tomorrow we get to see Uncle Brett for the first time this trip.

We got to meet my new baby cousin Laney for the first time. She is just 5 weeks old!

We got to take a cousins picture!

I love baby Laney! I got to help grandma hold her! I took my job very seriously!

Here's a picture of just us girls!

We went to the zoo and had a blast! We went to the petting zoo first and I wanted nothing to do with the goats! I would not let Grandma put me down. Just 10 short months ago I was fearless around them!

Afterward, to help me calm down we went to a little play area. They had this old truck as well as an old tractor and sand area for the kids. I had fun "driving" Mommy around.

I enjoying the sand as well and reluctantly headed out to see more animals.

My favorite was of course the elephants and we were able to see them while we ate lunch. John loved the penguins and I got a little impatient waiting. Right after this picture below, I grabed Grandpa's hand and said "walk"! I know what I wants and I'm not afraid to let you know what that might be!

While we waited for cousin John, I had grandma sit on the floor with me to look at the fish.

Today, Grandma took me shopping at Kohl's! I got lots of new clothes! Afterward Grandma took Mommy and me to a restaurant where they serve breakfast all day! I got scrambled eggs and Grandma even let me take a few bites from her plate! I got to eat some blueberries and whipped cream!

After lunch, we went to the grocery store. I got to help Grandma by pushing my very own cart. It was very sad to leave it, but Mommy said I had to leave it so other kids could enjoy it.

Tomorrow we get to go to church with Grandpa and Grandma, Then we get to go to a cookout and see my Uncle Brett. This will be the first time he's seen me since my 1st birthday! 

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