Friday, September 10, 2010

Something New Everyday

Little E is growing SO fast! She will be 16 months at the end of the month! Time flies, it seems when you have a little one.

She finally likes playing in the big bathtub. She really enjoyed her baby bathtub, but wouldn't even sit in the water in the big bath until last week. Previously, baths would consist of me washing her body as quickly as possible and getting her out. The other day I made her sit down and she just started playing. Now everytime she takes a bath, she I usually have to make her get out!

She has somewhat of a mullet these days. LOL! The back of her hair has been long enough to do pigtails for a while, but I finally worked up the nerve to try them yesterday. I was afraid of hurting her and turning her off to getting her hair done at a young age. I think she looks adorable and I want her to have pigtails all the time now! I can't get them to stay in though. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share!

Little E is ready for fall with her Croc boots we got her in the spring for $5. They are regularly $40! We would never spend that kind of money on shoes that she'll out grow in 2 months, but we can handle $5! She loves them and cries when we take them off! I think she would sleep in them if we let her!

This morning she accomplished a new feat! She is now able to climb in the rocking chair in her room! She now loves to climb up there and rock as hard as she can. It makes me a little nervous!

I entered Little E in a local photo contest. They have one for every month. She didn't win that contest, but they also choose a Fun Photo every week and her picture was selected as a Fun Photo! She won a free month at Gymboree! Below is the photo that won!
She is learning a lot as we continue our class at The Little Gym! She loves it and is very independent! We have been doing forward rolls in class since we started. Yesterday, she started trying them on her own at home. She can't get over, but she will put her head and hands on the floor and look at me through her legs. She looks like she's saying, "Okay Mommy, I'm ready!"
She is trying to say new words everyday! She is starting to say Momma more and more. She has said Dada for several months now. She has been signing all done since she was about 6 months old, but this morning as she signed, she also said, "All Done"! It was very cute! She baby talks none stop! There are very few moments when it is quiet in our house! LOL!
In front of our apartment, they used rocks to decorate with and Little E loves to pick up rocks! She has to fill her little hands until she can't carry them all and tries to bring them all upstairs! She has quite a collection and we can't walk by the rocks without her stopping!
She also LOVES shoes! If she sees that we are walking by them, she starts to take off her shoes! She is also starting to help dress herself.
On another note, please pray for my friendwho is 21 weeks pregnant. She was admitted to the hospital when they found hercervix open 1 cm and the amniotic sac dropped into the opening. This opens doors for infections and/or pre-term labor. Pray that everything goes back where it belongs and that there will be no pre-term labor. The baby is perfectly healthy, but is way too small!

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