Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Going On

Eric had an interview on Wednesday and we were hopeful that he would get the job. He got the call today that he didn't get it. They offered him a Substitute position where he would fill in at several locations if people were sick. The bad thing is that they are all over the Denver area and since we currently live in Colorado Springs, that would be a lot of gas money and no guarantee of hours. He's not sure if he's going to take it or not.

It was discouraging for Eric to not get the job. He has applied for a ton of jobs he was very interested in and hasn't had any luck. He has a job currently, but does not enjoy it at all and it doesn't pay much. I'm sure you all know how important it is to have a job you like, especially for guys.

On a lighter note, Little E and I went to the library on Thursday for Toddler Storytime! We had fun. She fell asleep on the way there, so she was a little hesitate to get involved. She just sat on my lap and observed the other kids. They played with scarfs at the end and she ended up crying when we had to put them back. I think it was because she was sleepy though, because she usually does really well with clean up time at The Little Gym. I didn't get a chance to really talk to anyone because Little E was throwing a little fit about putting the scarfs back. We checked out the books afterward and Little E got to check one out. She LOVES books and was running all over pulling books out. She's not a big fan of board books these days, but is still a little too ruff with paper books, so I'm not quite ready to check anything but board books out from the library.

At The Little Gym this last week we learned a song that was really cute! It's called Toe-Knee Chest-Nut (Nut=head). So the words are Toe Knee Chest Nut Nose Eye Love You, Toe Knee Nose, Toe Knee Nose. Then you sing it again. So obviously you touch each corresponding body part when you sing it! It's hard to explain, but really cute! I've talked to some of the women at The Little Gym, but haven't gotten a chance to develop any friendships. I know I need to make more of an effort to step out and talk to people. I just need to make myself do it.

Little E has learned some body parts! Her favorite is her Bell (Belly)! She lifts up her shirt and sticks her finger in her belly button. We ask her where her belly is and she points right to it! She even knows the difference if you ask about different peoples bellies! She is catching on to nose currently! She calls it No. Today while I was laying her down for her nap, she pointed at my nose and said No several times and the pointed at her nose and did the same thing. She's having a hard time with the s, but it is SO cute! She's also been trying to say Snack, Sit and Shoes, but they all sound very similar.

She is down to just one nap. Most days she does really well. We pushed her bedtime back to 8pm in hopes that she will start sleeping in a little later. She's been waking up between 6 and 6:30am recently. Eric really likes to have time in the morning to read and have some time to himself beofre anyone gets up. Little E's early mornings have hindered that a little bit. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who gets up with her, so I can sleep in a little!

Besides Eric's job situation, we are doing great! We love Colorado Springs! There are so many things to do that cost little or no money! We've done lots of hiking, there are multiple parks that are wonderful, There is a fun kids area that is free at Focus on the Family and there is a huge play area at the mall. I'm learning of more and more things to do practically everyday! I have also been to several Farmer's Markets!

We watched Food Inc. about a week or so and it totally changed my perspective on what I am feeding my family. If you haven't watched, it I would recommend it! It reveals a LOT about the environment that our foods come from. Particularly Cows and Chickens. It is amazing! I can't believe it, it almost made sick. So, we have been shopping at our local Whole Foods (how did I survive without this store?) and Farmer's Markets! Surprisingly, you can buy organic ground beef from grass fed cows and free range chicken for about the same price you can buy the other stuff, corn fed cows (They have a hard time digesting it) and chickens who are kept in the dark their whole lives! Anyway, watch Food Inc! It'll change your life!

Well, I think that's all for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

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