Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun Photos and a Funny Story

Thought I would share a few pictures from the Christmas season! Here are a few pictures we took for our Christmas card and such.

Here is Elise in a pair of her Christmas pajamas, bath robe and slippers. I thought she was so cute, but she wouldn't look at me.
Here she is wearing my high heels! She was actually walking around in them.

We decided to give her one of her presents since we won't be home for Christmas. We'll be driving and unable to take them with us. We still have one more to give her. We are waiting until we get in our new house for that one. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

She thought the microphone was an actually phone. She kept saying hello. It was so cute!

Okay, here is the funny story. We went to Chic-fil-a for dinner and they we doing free pictures with the Santa Cow. Elise liked the cow from afar and kept saying Moo! We tried for a picture and she wanted nothing to do with it. We tried one with me holding her. The cow put it's paw on my shoulder and when Elise saw it, she let out the loudest scream I've ever heard from her. She was so afraid and wouldn't stop fussing until we left. We did get a family picture. It's not the greatest, but I'll post it as soon as I get a chance to scan it.

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Tiffany Paige Koop said...

Haha, even though it's sad that Elise got so scared - I laughed. We tried to get a Santa picture with Aiden and Anna but Anna wanted NOTHING to do with poor Santa. But I still think it's funny and will be good in our scrapbook :)