Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Update and Lots of Randomness

Warning: This is a long post.

Well, it's been a while since I posted. I've been getting things ready for Baby Boy. He's due on August 14th. I know he could wait that long or longer to get here, but I'm SO ready to be done. I've been really uncomfortable recently. I feel like he's dropped and it's miserable to walk just about anywhere. Feels like he's going to fall right out. I'm 35 weeks, I know it's best he stays in there for as long as possible, but if I could guarantee he'd be completely healthy, I'd have him right now. Sweetie Girl came one day after her due date and Little Man came a week and a half early. From the start of contractions to him being born was 5.5 hours. I think Baby Boy will be early too, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high.

We've been busy around here. Sweetie Girl went to her first ever VBS in June and she LOVED it! We started a reading program with one of our local libraries. It started June 18th and goes through July 24. In that time period, I've been reading to her since she's not reading on her own. For each 12 hours we read, she gets to pick a book and gets entered to win some other prizes. So far we've ready about 14.5 hours! She loves it! She's constantly asking me to read to her! She's always loved reading and looking at books! Little Man is almost 17 1/2 months old! He understands just about everything you say, but he doesn't talk much. He can say more, momma, ball, book, boo. He also makes engine noises and animal noises. We've been working with him to know where his ears, eyes, nose, etc. He's doing really well! I started Beth Moore's, Breaking Free Bible Study, it's actually the 3rd time that I have attempted to finish this study. I haven't made it yet. We'll see if Baby Boy lets me or not.

I've been working to get everything ready for Baby Boy's (BB) arrival. We didn't need much since he and Little Man (LM) are so close in age. LM is still in the crib and we aren't quite ready to change that, so BB will be in the pack n play. We are very blessed that our parents have bought something for each of our children! I made a wish list of things that we wanted/needed and my in-laws bought pretty much everything that was on it! Included a 3" think mattress to use in the pack n play! My MIL and my sister have watched the kids for me for everyone of my appointment so far! The Hubs has helped SO SO SO much with cooking and cleaning and being my shoulder to cry on this pregnancy. Add to that, a frustrating job and I'd say he's SUPER DADDY/HUBBY! I am very blessed and so are my children!

Tomorrow is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. CFA is my ALL TIME favorite fast food restaurant, so of course I had to make costumes. Sweetie Girl gave lots of input on hers included a black and white polka dot pacifier clip she found in my sewing desk! Her creative little mind immediately saw that it would make an excellent tail! LM has a onesie and I also made shirts for the Hubs and I, but I'm not sure he's willing to participate. Even if it involves free food!

On Sunday, the Hubs and I will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary! A part of me thinks, 6 years, that's all and another part of me thinks, holy cow! We've been married for 6 years! Our lives have changed pretty drastically in 6 years.

When we got married in 2007, the Hubs was about to start his last year of college, I was working at a Staffing Agency and we were living in a tiny, itty bitty 555 square foot apartment with the Mini Pooch. A few months later, I got a different job. We moved to a crappy duplex. The roof started leaking in the kitchen within the first month and it took them 7 months to finally get around to fixing it! The Hubs, graduated and got a full time job in May 2008. Just 4 short months later we found ourselves expecting our first child. It was planned and we were trying, but the Hubs was not fully ready for this. In December, we decided to move to a rental house and that is where we lived when Sweetie Girl was born in May 2009! She changed our lives forever. I became a SAHM and absolutely LOVED it!

We enjoyed our first year with our daughter and in June 2010 decided to move to CO. We absolutely LOVED it there, but struggled financially the entire time we were there. The Hubs struggled to find a job to pay the bills. In June 2011, one week after Sweetie Girl turned 2, we found out we were expecting Baby #2. We were thrilled, but since our finances were so tight, we decided to make the move back to TX, The Hubs got his job back.

On the very last day of January, Little Man was born after 5.5 hours of labor while the Hubs was in Austin on business. In May 2012 we celebrated my birthday, bought a house, Sweetie Girl turned 3 and we bought a car. In December 2012, we found out we were expecting Baby #3. It was a surprise and I struggled most of this pregnancy struggling to grasp the fact that we were having another child. Little Man turned 1, Sweetie Girl turned 4. Now I'm 35 weeks and Baby Boy's arrival is quickly approaching. It took me a while to get here, but I'm really excited to meet this Baby Boy. I know he is going to be the perfect addition to our family!

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