Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Girl!

So, on the 17th I had a doctor appointment and I typed up a post on my phone while I waited about having a rough morning. Sweetie Girl said that I never did anything for her. I was already having a rough morning. As a stay at home mom, I've given up almost everything to raise my children. I spend almost all day everyday taking care of my husband and children. When one of the people you've given your whole life to, says you don't ever do anything for them, it just about breaks your heart.

Anyway, a lot has happened since then. We had Sweetie Girl's birthday party! She decided several months ago she wanted to have a Tea Party birthday. So I set out to plan a cost effective party. I found a china set for $10 at Goodwill, Tea Party hats and other items for the gift bags at Dollar Tree. I used a quilt that we already had for a table cloth. We did sandwiches, fruits and veggie and a few other kid friendly foods. I made the invitations, cake and other decorations. My dad picks out a dress for Sweetie Girl for just about every size she's worn since she was born. My parents live in MI, so they always send a birthday package that she gets to open early. They dress my dad picked out was beautiful! They first thing Sweetie Girl said was that it was perfect for her Tea Party Birthday!

My plan the whole time was to celebrate in our backyard, but with 21 mph winds expected we decided to stay indoors. We had a great time anyway and Sweetie Girl was totally in her element. She is quite the people person and loves when the attention is all on her. She got some great gifts! She got her first big girl bike and LOVES it! She is very much into being a big girl these days!

This past Sunday was her actual birthday! When I woke up, I gave her an additional present. An Origami Owl Living Locket with 4 charms. In February I began selling them and she has been begging for one ever since. Daddy made her pancakes and we headed off to church.

After church Grandma met us at our house and we headed out shopping. G. G. Ellen (Great Grandma) sent some money, so we took her shopping. Let me tell you, this girl knows how to shop! She really wanted some Toms, but my girls feet are too marrow for them. We spent quite a bit of time trying on different sizes to see if we could get the right fit, but no such luck. She was sad, but we weren't finished yet. We headed across the street to Shoe Carnival to look at the Bobs there, but we had the same problem, they were just too wide for her narrow little feet. We found some Roxy slip on shoes that she liked. Surprisingly she wanted silver and they didn't have them in her size. As we were walking out I found some of them on the clearance rack, still no silver, but she decided she liked the pink sparkly ones. They were on clearance, once we got up to the cashier, they were even cheaper! We stopped at Braum's for lunch and ice cream. Then ventured to Target to look at the toys. She picked out at least 10 different things before settling on a Disney Princess cash register. We explained how much money she had and if she had enough money to buy a certain thing and whether she would have to put something back to get a particular item. Overall, I think we spent about 4 hours shopping, but she loved every minute of it!

Overall, I would say, she had a wonderful birthday, that stretched over several days! She got to celebrate with family and friends! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Sweetie Girl's 4th birthday! She had a blast!

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