Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Going into Week 3

So yesterday we began our 3rd week of school. Sweetie Girl hasn’t been asking quite so much to do more school. One thing that I honestly thought I wouldn’t like was my lesson plans being messed up, but honestly I’ve really enjoyed adjusting things to make them more fun for her. Take spelling for example, I had printed off worksheets from k12reader.com for Sweetie Girl to work on throughout the week and she didn’t seem to like it at all, so last week I took the spelling words and wrote them on index cards and had her read each word and then spell them. We did this twice and she loved it. Just a little change, we’re using the same list of words for each week, but it’s working and she actually said that was her favorite part.

I am having a hard time getting her interested in science, but I’m brainstorming how to peak her interest. This year we were planning on doing Astronomy, but I’m thinking we may save it until a little later and see if there is something that she may be more interested in.

Last week we read the story: Three Billy Goats Gruff. Oddly enough, I have very fond memories of this story. I can remember acting it out for my grandparents with my sister and cousins and having TONS of fun! I found little puppets she could color, then she cut them out and glued them to popsicle sticks and she spent quite a while playing with them and one of our bridges from our train set! She really liked the puppets and asked for more the next time we read a story.

Today we went to an Ice Cream Social at her Homeschool group. She starts next Wednesday. She was able to meet her teacher and the art and music teachers. She got to tour the whole area and they got ice cream. It was during Little Man and Baby Boys nap time, so we weren’t able to stay and meet other families. They did amazing until the sugar from the ice cream hit and then I knew it was time to head out! We’re excited for her to start. I know she’s going to have loads of fun! I’m also excited to have a little bit of time with just the boys. I’ve been spending so much time focused on Sweetie Girl’s school, that I’m really looking forward to some time dedicated to the boys!

Someone on our local homeschool page asked how moms with Littles entertained them while they had to focus their attention on doing school. I remembered doing a busy bag swap with some ladies when we still lived in TX and I decided to see if there was any interest. I asked on the page and had so many moms interested that I ended up having to organize 2 groups. We’ve got most of the details set for the 1st group and working things out with the second. I’m really excited it’s all working out!

Last week we made Connecticut Clam Chowder to go with our geography lesson and I’ll just say, we are not clam people, but we had fun making it! This week we are making a popsicle stick suspension bridge. Sweetie Girl is SO excited to work on it! I’ve recruited the Hubs to help out! He is an amazing dad and husband!

I forgot to post this picture of our first day of school! 

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