Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Lesson Plans May Be Out the Window & Potty Training

So, we’re 4 days and well, I think my lesson plans will be going out the window. As much as I’m saddened by the fact that I spent all that time making the lesson plans, I’m also proud proud of the reason why. The reason they are going out the window is because Sweetie Girl is asking to do more work! I mean seriously, this girl LOVES school! There are aspect she’s not a fan of, handwriting and science at the moment, but for the most part she’s loving it! She’s really enjoying History, she gets that from The Hubs!

We are loving how Story of the World tells history in the form of stories! I mean, this girl was listening to me read The Boxcar Children books when she was 3! She is also really enjoying Apologia’s Who is God? series for Bible. For both of these subjects, we have been having wonderful conversations about what we are reading and it’s only the 1st week!

She seems to be enjoying math and she’s starting to remember how to spell a few words! She was decorating some cards yesterday and I wrote out how to spell I Love You Daddy. Then the next thing I know she brings me a card that says: I Love You Mom! She also has and & the almost down. We need to work a little more with our spelling words before we can take our quiz. I need to plan some more activities with them.

I’m thinking I may try doing a monthly unit study to add some fun stuff the kids can all do together! This will also give Sweetie Girl some school to do without getting way ahead, which of course, I’m not opposed to getting ahead, but the sanity of this plan ahead Mommy! I’m scouring Pinterest for ideas and hope to have something planned for the rest of this month by Monday! We have an amazing library that puts together little homeschool bundles on different subjects! The homeschool community here is amazing! One of our local used bookstores is having a homeschool fair this Saturday where people can sell their used curriculum! I’m excited to check it out!

Today, we met some friends at the zoo after doing some school and we had fun. We didn’t see everything, but that’s why I love having a membership! We can go see a few animals and get on with our day. I may incorporate some zoo visits with our Unit Studies!

Little Man has been doing amazing with potty training! I will admit, I envisioned this kid going for the next few years wanting to wear diapers! I was at the end of my rope trying to get this kid to go on the potty! I fully expected Baby Boy to potty train before Little Man. I’m SO ready to be done with diapers! You would be too if you had been changing diapers non-stop for over 6 years! Six years, people!!! That’s a whole lot of diapers and a whole lot of money! I don’t think it will be too much longer before Baby Boy is ready! At this point, I am fully intending to throw a NO MORE DIAPERS PARTY and all my mom friends will be invited! I mean seriously, why aren’t their more parties like that?

Baby Boy is just soaking everything in. He LOVES rolling around in the dirt in our back yard and playing with his trains! He occasionally runs in the homeschool room to see what we are doing and snatching the occasional un-sharpened pencil! He doesn’t seem interested in doing any bookwork. I’m thinking my boys will enjoy more learning through exploring! They’re all boy!

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