Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy Weekend

Saturday, my in-laws had a downsizing sale. When I say downsizing, I mean getting rid of EVERYTHING! They are moving into a motor home and traveling all over the U.S.! They did really well. So well in fact, that they had to get chairs out of their motor home, because they sold everything else.

Elise has been doing SO well with falling asleep on her own. Last night it took less then 15 minutes and tonight it took less than 5. Seriously! She didn't even move from where I laid her in the crib!

Today, we went to church. We really like I our church! We have been doing a series called The Gospel in Everyday Life. It has been so good. Today, the sermon was about reconciliation, specifically racial reconciliation. We were based in Ephesians 2.

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