Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Friday, Elise turned 9 months old. We also had her nine month check-up. She weighs 17.6 lbs and is 27 3/4 inches long. That is the 43rd percentile for her weight and the 39th for her height. She loves her doctor! He is such an amazing doctor! Elise is in the cries unless she has Mommy stage. When Dr. E. held her, she just looked at him with a big grin.

Saturday we went to the Zoo. We had fun! Elise was asleep when we first got there, but the birds woke her up. She liked looking at all the animals. I can't wait to take her again when she is older. She even made a new friend:

On Sunday, we took the pictures that I posted last night. Eric hasn't done as many photo shoots, because it is hard to keep a walking nine month old to stay in one place for long!

Monday & Tuesday, we just chilled at home. Elise loves to walk all over the house. She loves spending time in the kitchen with her new fridge toy. You can put a letter in the dog house and it sings a little song telling you what sounds it makes. It also sings the alphabet.

On Wednesdays we go to Kindermusik. Elise LOVES it! She sings with us and it is SO cute! She has been the youngest and the only girl until recently. A little 4 month old little girl started coming with her mom a couple of weeks ago, so it's been nice for Elise. Even though Elise is younger there is a little boy who is 16 months and Elise is walking more than him. I've been meaning to take pictures, but it is difficult because we do everything with them.

Tonight we are heading to Grandpa & Grandma's for dinner and sorting through stuff in the attic. They are selling their house and moving into a motor home so they can travel. They are having a get rid of everything sale this Friday & Saturday. If you live in Tyler/Whitehouse be sure to come check it out.

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