Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Comes to Visit!

My parents and sister came to visit for a week and Elise was very excited! We stopped at Target after picking up my sister and decided to eat lunch there. They have a Pizza Hut.

Relaxing before bed with Grandpa & Grandma!

We went to The Little Gym and Elise was quite the little show off. She was running around try to show them everything! It was SO cute and Aunt Amy got quite the workout, chasing her around and trying to keep her from hurting herself. We all had lots of fun!

So if you ever come visit Colorado Springs, you need to check out the Focus on The Family Welcome Center! They have an amazing play area for children! They have a room where you can dress up like the Adventures in Odessy characters, secret passageways, 3-story spiral slide and tons more. The best thing is it's free! They do have a soda shoppe where you can buy lunch or ice cream! These pictures are in a theater type room. They were showing Veggie Tales, Wonderful Wizard of Ha's!
They have this tunnel the kids can crawl through!

My parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary while they were visiting! We went to Front Range BBQ where you can get the best ribs I've EVER tasted! It is fall off the bone good and you have several different sauce options! Elise really enjoyed the corn bread muffins and baked beans!

We showed them the Garden of The Gods and took some turisty pictures!
There was bad weather in TX when my sister was suppose to fly out, so she ended up staying an extra day. Eric climbed most of Pike's Peak and we drove my parents to the top. No pictures though, it was FREEZING and super windy! We had a wonderful time!

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