Sunday, May 5, 2013

Babymoon and Other Stuff

This weekend was a weekend of firsts for me. First time leaving Little Man over night, first time in 15 months leaving Sweetie Girl over night. First time at a MLB game! First time to eat at the Dairy Palace in Canton, TX. Quite a few firsts as the count down to the end of my 20's is upon me. Less than a week away.

We arrived in Dallas on Saturday afternoon and had lunch at Chipotle. Then headed to REI and The Galleria. WE like to go to stores that aren't where we live. I got a maternity shirt from H&M as well as 2 pair of shorts for Sweetie Girl. Then back to the hotel for a short rest before heading to the Rangers game! A little advice for any pregnant ladies out there, the third level is a LONG walk! If you can afford seats at a lower level, I'd advise you to get them. Take into consideration that we also walked around REI, The Galleria, from the parking lot and then up the ramp to the 3rd level! This preggo mommy was VERY tired by the time we got to our seats.

Did you know there are value concession stands around the stadium? We stumbled across this information while deciding if we wanted to eat before we went or while we were there. Luckily we sat right by one! After a short rest, I was ready to eat. Later I had to have some ice cream as well and got a souvenir helmet for my bowl. It was Little Man's gift, but now realize I should have made The Hubs get some ice cream so we could have another one for Sweetie Girl. Anyway, the game went by fast and we won 5-1! After the games ended we headed back to the hotel and to bed.

I missed my bed. In January we purchased a memory foam bed and after a short adjustment period, very much enjoy our bed! If you are looking for a memory foam bed without paying an arm and a leg, I highly recommend checking out DynastyMattress on Amazon. We had friends recommend this brand to us and decided to check it out. So far we LOVE it. It did take Eric a while to adjust, but now we both sleep so much better than we did before.

Sunday, ate breakfast, showered and headed home. We decided to stop at the Dairy Palace for lunch. They are suppose to have world famous burgers and sweet tea. I liked my food and tea and will most likely go back, but world famous? I think not. I've had better of both at other places. Next time I'll have to check out their ice cream, they have 28 flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Now we're home and relaxing while the kids nap. A BIG thanks to my In-Laws for watching the kids for us. It was a great trip and a time for The Hubs and I to talk and enjoy each other's company.

We have a busy few months ahead of us. I turn the big 30 on Saturday, Mother's Day is Sunday, Sweetie Girl is having her birthday party and celebrating her 4th birthday! This will be her first big party that includes more than just family and she's so excited. She'd invited every person we know if Daddy would allow it! We had to limit the number of people we could invite, don't want to offend anyone, just can't invite everyone.

I realized the other day, that there are only 8 days in the month of May that isn't either a birthday, holiday or anniversary of someone I know! Apparently May birthdays are very popular. So if you are celebrating your birth, Mom, Anniversary, Memorial Day or other event, have fun and be safe!

I think that's all for now. I'm planning a post dedicated to all the amazing things that have happened in my 20's. So stay tuned for that!

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Anonymous said...

I bet grandma and grandpa caring for and enjoying Little Man, Sweety Girl, Big Pooch, Little Pooch and Wild Dog, were more tired than Prego Mom at 7:30pm last night! Oh and Wild Dog who protected all of said above from the energy of Big Pooch and all threats and noises perceived and imagined, is totally exhausted.:)